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Discover the epitome of excellence with Hester’s Electrical Service, the unrivaled residential and commercial electricians in Jackson, MS, and the broader Hinds County area. Our adept electricians are steadfastly committed to illuminating your spaces, ensuring that every corner of your community shines with reliable and efficient electrical services tailored just for you.

Certified residential electrician meticulously working on home wiring, ensuring safety and quality in every electrical project in Jackson, MS

Commercial Electricians in Jackson, MS

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: Propel your business into a future of sustainability with our energy-efficient lighting solutions. Hester’s Electrical Service commercial electricians specialize in installing and maintaining lighting systems that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also significantly cut back on energy costs, making us the go-to service in Jackson, MS.
  • Switch Gear: Our commercial electrician’s expertise in switch gear technology ensures that your commercial spaces operate with uninterrupted electrical flow, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems in the heart of Hinds County.
  • Warehouse, Interior, and Exterior Lighting: Illuminate your commercial spaces with our bespoke lighting solutions. From warehouses to interiors and exteriors, Hester’s commercial electricians craft lighting environments that enhance functionality and aesthetics.
  • Transformers: Specializing in transformer technology, our commercial electricians ensure that your electrical systems are always optimized for performance, ensuring reliability and efficiency across Jackson, MS.

Residential Electricians in Jackson, MS

  • Panel Upgrades: Elevate the safety and efficiency of your home with our professional panel upgrades. At Hester’s Electrical Service, our certified residential electricians specialize in enhancing your electrical system, ensuring it meets the latest standards and requirements, and providing you with a seamless and powerful electrical experience in your Jackson, MS, home.
  • Electrical Repairs: Our certified residential electricians in Jackson are always ready to tackle any electrical challenges, ensuring that your home is always running smoothly and safely.
  • Car Charging Stations: Embrace the future with our state-of-the-art car charging stations. Hester’s is at the forefront of green technology, promoting sustainable living in Jackson, MS, and the surrounding areas.
  • Backup Generators: Ensure that your home is always powered, even in the most challenging conditions, with our robust backup generators installed by residential electricians, a must-have for residents in Hinds County.

Why Choose Hester’s Electrical Service

  • Fully Insured and Licensed: Rest easy knowing that you’re in the hands of licensed professionals, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of safety and quality.
  • Certified Electricians: Our team comprises certified electricians with a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring every project is executed flawlessly.
  • Specialized Lighting Plans: At Hester’s, we specialize in crafting bespoke lighting plans that range from motion-sense and timed lighting to LED fixtures, ensuring that your spaces are always illuminated to perfection.
Dedicated residential electrical contractor in Jackson, MS, meticulously inspecting and ensuring the safety and efficiency of a home electrical panel

Areas Served

Proudly offering comprehensive electrical advice and services across Jackson, Brandon, Pearl, Clinton, Ridgeland, Madison, and Flowood. We are committed to ensuring that every corner of our community shines with reliability and excellence.

Choose Hester’s: The #1 Residential and Commercial Electrician in Jackson, MS

In Jackson, MS, Hester’s Electrical Service is a reliable beacon of excellence. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier electrical solutions makes us the first choice for residential and commercial electrical services. With a legacy of trust and expertise, we invite you to experience electrical services that meet and exceed your expectations. Choose Hester’s Electrical Service, where excellence is not just promised; it’s delivered.