Reliable. Efficient. Trustworthy. Three words that every Jackson resident uses to describe Hester’s Electrical Service. Whether you need an upgrade, require swift repairs, or contemplate a complete replacement of your exterior main service, we have your back!

Are You Experiencing Common Electrical Disruptions in Jackson, MS?

We get it. Flickering lights, sudden power outages, and electrical surges disrupt your day-to-day life and can also be a sign of bigger issues looming around the corner. These aren’t just minor annoyances. They raise valid safety concerns, potentially hiking up your energy bills and, in some cases, even damaging your appliances.

Electrical panel upgrades from a full-service electrical contractor offering free estimates

Unbeatable Electrical Solutions Designed for Jackson, MS Homes

At Hester’s Electrical Service, we pride ourselves on our impeccable record and commitment to excellence for all your electrical needs. Here’s a quick look at what we bring to your doorstep:

Upgrades: Boost Your Property’s Electrical Efficiency!

From electrical panels to outdoor lighting to security systems & everything in between — Elevate your property’s electrical efficiency with the latest technology, ensuring seamless power flow and reduced electricity bills.

Replacement: New Installations to Ensure Longevity!

Old electrical systems can be hazardous. Our skilled team provides robust installations when electrical repair won’t do the trick, crafted for longevity and optimal performance.

Repairs: Quick Fixes with Lasting Impact!

As a full-service, licensed electrical contractor, we don’t take shortcuts — when electrical service in Jackson is needed, our repairs offer electrical troubleshooting above and beyond. When Hester’s takes on a job, it’s about delivering lasting impact, ensuring you don’t have to call us back anytime soon.

The Positive Impact on Your Life

Think about a life where you’re no longer at the mercy of unpredictable electrical issues. With Hester’s Electrical Service’s exterior main service solutions:

  • Your safety is no longer compromised due to faulty wiring.
  • You enjoy peace of mind, knowing your Jackson home’s electrical system is top-notch and adheres to Hinds County’s rigorous standards.
  • The efficiency of a well-maintained electrical system means lower energy bills and more savings in your pocket.
  • Your day-to-day life runs smoother, devoid of unnecessary disruptions, enabling you to enjoy the true essence of Jackson living.

How can Hester’s Electrical Service help? With our certified team based right here in Jackson, MS, we ensure your home stays powered, safe, and efficient.

Why We’re Jackson’s Go-To Electrical Contractor!

It’s not just about the quality of service, though that’s a significant part. It’s about trust, reliability, and understanding the unique needs of Jackson, MS, and its surrounding areas.

Hester’s Electrical Service isn’t just another contractor; we’re your neighbors.

We understand the pulse of Hinds County, the unique challenges faced, and most importantly, we know what you need.

We stand unparalleled when it comes to service upgrades, replacements, and repairs. Our team of experts, backed by years of experience, ensures that every job is executed to perfection, no matter how big or small.

Take the first step towards a safe, efficient, and disruption-free electrical experience. Contact Hester’s Electrical Service today!